School Planning

This year, MacFarland Middle School grew our Dual-Language program to serve 6-8th graders. We welcomed our first 6th grade comprehensive (non-dual language) cohort. We will welcome this group of students in our newly modernized and renovated state of the art building.

What schools and programs feed into MacFarland?

As a middle school with both comprehensive and a dual-language programs, MacFarland has both geographic and programmatic feeder schools.
  • Families who live in the boundaries of the geographic feeder schools below have rights to enroll in the MacFarland MS comprehensive program.
  • Dual-language programmatic families have the right to enroll their child in the MacFarland MS dual-language program.
MacFarland Feeder Schools
Schools that feed into the MacFarland Dual Language Program (Programmatic Feeders) Bancroft ES, Bruce- Monroe ES, Cleveland ES, Marie Reed ES, Powell ES, Tyler ES
Schools that feed into the MacFarland Comprehensive program (Geographic Feeders) Barnard ES, Bruce-Monroe ES, Dorothy Height ES, Truesdell EC, Powell ES (Dual Language and English only strands), Raymond EC, West EC

MacFarland Grade Reconfigurations School Year 17-18 to School Year 21-22

For more information on MacFarland's modernization and school planning, visit DCPS School Planning.