School Vision: 

At MacFarland, we foster a loving and inclusive learning environment where students achieve personal excellence and prepare to revolutionize society.   


School Mission: [DRAFT] 

Every student is a part of the MacFarland family. We empower students to take ownership of their academic and personal goals by valuing diversity, striving for excellence and engaging in productive struggle. We prepare competent individuals that will invest in their local and global communities.   


MacFarland Middle School Core Values 

Equity. We work to ensure our students get what they need to succeed. We work to eliminate opportunity gaps that may exist for our students, families and staff. 


Excellence. We hold ourselves to a high level of performance in our work and interactions with each other. 


Inclusivity. We believe that every person is a valued member of our school community. We work to include all members regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, language, or ability status. 


Resilience. We never give up and never give in. With a growth mindset, we learn from our mistakes and challenges then make a plan to move forward. 


Love. We care about our school community. We show our love and care through what we say and do.